Following the incessant invasion of the Southwest by criminal elements from within and outside the Region. The situation calls for immediate, practical steps towards finding lasting solutions to insecurity in the Region with zero tolerance to criminality.

In lieu of this, it became imperatives that a security measure of indigenous standard to enhance safety of lives and properties of people of Ondo State be put in place.

The Government of Ondo State therefore through a security bill tagged ONDO STATE SECURITY NETWORK AGENCY (AMOTEKUN CORPS) which was passed by the Ondo State House of Assembly and singed into law by the Governor, His Excellency Rotimi Akeredolu.

The requirement of a preventive, protective and proactive Regional security regime that includes all stakeholders to protect and safeguard lives, properties and economic activities is of high priority.

Recent trends in the country and the world at large signpost the urgency of the situation, and the Commission considers the Western Nigeria Governors Forum intervention as timely to ramp up the region’s capacity for protecting its citizens. The prevention of crime and strife, and an environment conducive to development in its material, moral and social dimensions is critical to the growth and prosperity of People of Ondo State.